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Why I love using GitHub Pages with Jekyll?

After using GitHub Pages for my websites I have some things to share with you.

There are many good things that I loved about it, starting from simple fact that it is completely free to use and ending with more advanced feature like custom urls.

But also there are few things that I did not like about it and those are mostly cases when I met platform limitations.

What is it?

GitHub Pages is free hosting solution wired with your GitHub repositories. So you need to create GitHub repository, configure few settings and it becomes website hosted on Github.

Possible usages

You can use it in many ways, but I think the main usages are:

  • Personal website / blog
  • Project website for presentation / documentation / tutorials / demo
  • anything that works on javascript / css / html and sure Jekyll is plus

Just create repository with your username:

$ git clone https://github.com/username/username.github.io
$ cd username.github.io
$ echo "Hello World" > index.html
$ git commit -am "Initial commit"
$ git push -u origin master

And you are done, simple website will be available via username.github.io url.

Or create branch gh-pages for existing project:

And your website will be available via http://username.github.io/repository url.

Wire it with your domain

You just need to change domain’s A records to following ip addresses:


And create file CNAME with your domain name inside.


You can not install any Jekyll plugin on it, but some are available

  • jekyll-mentions
  • jemoji
  • jekyll-redirect-from
  • jekyll-sitemap
  • jekyll-feed
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