About many things

Things that I like about my OnePlus2

As I complained about my OnePlus2 few weeks ago, I think it would be fair to write few good things about it. I decided to write about it, because I finally got proper OS update and as you may notice from title, update fixed many problems that I had before.

It hanged every time I needed it very badly

I guess it is because of 6th version of Android, but now it is awesome. After update I never had a problem like frozen screen or hanging OS.

It would be fair to say that problem might also be related to 5th version of Android that it was using before. In my opinion 5th version was really unstable and had lot of bugs, that were mostly fixed in 6th version.

Fingerprint sensor, now works

It works now and I have to enter pin only in rare cases. So I am finally happy :)

Software update came

It finally updated to 6th version and did it in a proper way. Update fixed the most of problems that I had before.

Do I consider OnePlus3?

Sure, I think it makes sense to consider the next generation of OnePlus2 and hopefully it will not have hidden problems as OnePlus2 had in the beginning.