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Things that I don't like about my OnePlus2

Few months ago I bought my OnePlus2 after reading many articles about how good this phone is and how low $349 is for ‘Flagship Killer’ as they call it.

My previous phone was Nexus 5 and I was very happy with quality that I got, unfortunately I can’t say same about OnePlus2.

It hangs every time I need it very badly

I was aware about modified software that OnePlus2 comes with, they claim that tuned software that comes with it saves battery life a lot.

Maybe it is true, however after not using phone for a while it takes few seconds to start up. During that period my phone is frozen and I can hardly do anything.

It really sucks, specially for important calls or if I want to check something quickly.

Fingerprint sensor

At first fingerprint sensor was really cool feature that I was playing all day long, but it turned out to be really big headache after using it for months.

It does not work properly in 80% of cases and I need to enter pin manually.

Software update did not came

I expected to have Android M on it during Q1 of 2016, because that is what they promised. However it turned out that on Q1 they just published beta version with manual upgrade guide.

That really sucks, because I love to have proper system upgrades instead of rooting phone and installing beta version on it.

What I would do if I had another chance?

If I could turn back time, for sure I would not buy OnePlus2.

Instead I would wait a little and get Nexus6P with $499.00 price, but way better quality.