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Hi there,

I am Gevorg, this site contains basic information about my technical experience and little more…

2004 - 2008 YSU got bachelor's degree at faculty of Informatics and Applied Mathematics.

2008 - 2010 YSU got master's degree at faculty of Information Technologies.

2006 - EIF / Sourcio got training certificate for beginner courses of java, html, css, javascript.

2009 - agile42 got training certificate for scrum training at be2 Ltd.

2011 - Oracle got "Java SE 6 Programmer" certificate with 95% passing score.

2007 - 2011 java developer at be2 Ltd.

2011 - 2013 java developer at AtTask Development LLC.

2014 - developed VIN report generation/purchase plugin for historyvin.com.

2014 - developed from scratch responsive website for real estate virtual tours onvirtualtours.com.

2014 - added few dynamic widgets for startup project informbots.com.

2014 - worked as php developer on startup project docsmit.com.

2014 - developed responsive/partially offline website based on MEAN stack/Bootstrap app.gocicero.us.

2014 - developed responsive patient registration form with Twitter Bootstrap/AngularJS for Kids Care.

2014 - worked as javascript developer at Lounge Logic.

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