About many things

Things that I like about my OnePlus2

As I complained about my OnePlus2 few weeks ago, I think it would be fair to write few good things about it. I decided to write about it, because I finally got proper OS update and as you may notice from title, update fixed many problems that I had before.

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Getting started with Koa v2

I just started using Koa - next generation web framework for node.js and want to share few good things about it.

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Template literals in javascript

I want to write about another new thing that I found in javascript. Those are called Template literals and look like this:

`string text`

`string text line 1
 string text line 2`

`string text ${expression} string text`

tag `string text ${expression} string text`

Let’s see where we can use them.

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Javascript generator functions

I just discovered for myself relatively new thing and that is generator function in javascript.

function* name([param[, param[, ... param]]]) {
   // statements

In this post I will share few nice usages and many good things about them.

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Python is a great programming language

Recently I started learning Python programming language and loved it a lot.

It is very rich, it is based on principles that I adore and if you know the right way of doing things, you can write great piece of software just with a few lines of code.

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